Introducing Web Service Solutions – Elevate Your Data Integration

Discover the efficiency and precision of our Web Service solutions, designed to seamlessly connect your remote site to our DMF Web Server. We offer two distinct categories of services to cater to your unique needs: Custom Web Service and Benefit Sentinel, our comprehensive out-of-the-box Web API solution.

Web Service - Custom

Empower your IT team with the Custom Web Service, providing the freedom to create your own program for accessing our LADMF database through our Web API. This dynamic solution enables integrated real-time searches for vetting benefit, service, or voting data. Imagine automatically verifying the SSN of a new bank account holder during account setup or validating voter registration applications.

Supported Query Arguments:

  • By Social Security Number (SSN)
  • By Last Name and Date of Birth (DOB)
  • By Last Name, Suffix, and Date of Birth (DOB)

Flexibility in Interface Formats:

We embrace versatility by supporting both JSON and XML interface formats, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Tailored Subscription:

Our Web Services are available based on the number of queries you require within the subscription year. Your specific needs drive your subscription, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Guided Integration:

To aid your integration journey, we provide a dedicated test bed for your programmers to create and test the web interface. Reach out to us at to request detailed specifications for interface creation and testing.

Web Service - Benefit Sentinel and Optional Data Pump Service

Unleash the transformative power of the Benefit Sentinel Service – a cornerstone of our DMF Cloud Services suite. Operating as a Windows Service on your local computer, Benefit Sentinel automates and enhances your data management process.

Seamless Setup:

Benefit Sentinel application is provided at no additional cost and can be set up within hours. Initial setup requires minimal support from your IT staff.

Automated Data Processing:

Benefit Sentinel empowers you by seamlessly accessing your benefit data on a schedule you define. This automated process runs in the background, eliminating manual interventions, saving time, and reducing errors.

Precise Harmonization:

Benefit Sentinel's strength lies in harmonizing your local database with the official SSA LADMF file hosted on our DMF Web Server. Through meticulous comparison, it identifies matches and disparities within your data, ensuring utmost accuracy.

Control and Communication:

Define your data processing segments, or "tranches," to align with your needs. Assign a Point of Contact (POC) to oversee each tranche, facilitating granular control and communication.

Timely Notifications and Reports:

Benefit Sentinel keeps your POC informed with timely email notifications. From tranche initiation to completion, notifications ensure transparency. Comprehensive reports, delivered via email in Excel format, provide insights into the matching process.

Optional Data Pump Integration:

Enhance your data management with the optional Data Pump Windows service. Effortlessly import benefit data from Excel spreadsheets to your chosen database management system.

MySQL Integration:

Even without a database management system, our Data Pump integrates seamlessly with MySQL. Experience cost-effective and robust data management.

Embrace Precision and Control – Experience Benefit Sentinel:

The Benefit Sentinel Service redefines your data management journey, ensuring accuracy, automation, and informed decision-making. Elevate your operations with our innovative solutions. Contact us at for detailed specifications on Benefit Sentinel and Data Pump applications.


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