Scheduled Batch

Introducing the Scheduled Batch Subscription – Seamlessly Automate Data Checks:

Unlock the power of efficiency and automation with our annual Scheduled Batch Subscription. Tailored for businesses and individuals alike, this subscription empowers you to perform recurring checks on numerous individuals effortlessly. Whether it's pre or post Beneficiary Disbursement Processing, voter registration rolls, or any other critical checks, our Scheduled Batch Subscription offers a hands-off operation with automatic scheduling and execution. Discover the next level of data verification without the hassle.

Automated Efficiency:

Our Scheduled Batch Subscription is your answer when you require continuous checks on a large scale. Experience the convenience of hands-off operation as the DMF Cloud Server automatically handles scheduling and execution of your batches. Say goodbye to manual intervention and embrace a streamlined approach.

Versatility in Batch Composition:

Each Batch is curated to perfection. Crafted as a single Excel file, you can seamlessly complete and upload it to our DMF Cloud Services server. We provide three comprehensive Excel templates, catering to various query types:

  1. SSN-Based Queries Template
  2. Last Name and Date of Birth-Based Queries Template
  3. Last Name, Last Name Suffix, and Date of Birth-Based Queries Template

Choose Your Pricing:

Tailored to meet your needs, our Scheduled Batch Subscription offers two pricing categories:

  1. Scheduled Batch: Tailored for those utilizing the SSN template, this category empowers you with recurring checks on a set schedule.

  2. Scheduled Batch Plus: Elevate your capabilities with access to any of the three templates. This category grants you the flexibility to perform checks based on different criteria.

Unleash Customization for Enhanced Insights:

Each template is designed to include three optional fields, offering a platform for additional insights. Whether it's telephone numbers, addresses, or account numbers, these fields support your diverse analysis needs. With the freedom to include as many rows as needed, managing extensive datasets has never been simpler.

Streamlined Batch Processing:

As you complete your batches, they are seamlessly uploaded to our server. During this process, each row is meticulously reviewed for proper format and content. At this point, you assign a unique name to each Batch and set the next run date and frequency.

Tailored Frequency Options:

Choose from our flexible run frequency options:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly

Adaptability at Its Core:

Your batch's run frequency is customizable and can be changed at any time. Additionally, you can temporarily suspend runs by marking a Batch as Inactive. This adaptability ensures you remain in control.

Effortless Automation:

Active batches are seamlessly managed by our DMF Cloud server as per your preset schedule. Once completed, you receive an email report containing user-provided details and data extracted from the DMF database. The next run is automatically scheduled at the end of each successful execution.

Enriched with a Bonus – Ad Hoc Vetting:

As a bonus, your Scheduled Batch Subscription also includes access to the Ad Hoc - Vetting query service, elevating the value of your subscription.

Insightful Period Reports:

Stay informed throughout your subscription with our comprehensive Order Status reports, delivered every 30 days. These reports provide an in-depth overview of each Batch's status, including Batch Name, Batch Status (active/inactive), Run Frequency, Number of Queries, last run date, batch run count, Next Run Date, and the total queries used and remaining.

Tailor Your Subscription, Maximize Efficiency:

Our Scheduled Batch Subscription continues for the one-year subscription period or until your query usage limit is reached, ensuring you have automated checks at your fingertips.

Embrace Seamless Automation – Explore the Scheduled Batch Subscription Today:

Experience the future of data verification through seamless automation. Whether you're handling Beneficiary Disbursement Processing or voter registration rolls, this subscription is designed to streamline your recurring checks. Elevate your efficiency and insights with automated precision.

Scheduled Batch - Unlimited Queries


Scheduled Batch - Up to 1 Million Queries


Scheduled Batch - Up to 399,999 Queries


Scheduled Batch - Up to 4,999 Queries


Scheduled Batch - Up to 49,999 Queries