What categories of query services do you provide and how are they priced?

We offer several categories of query services, each tailored to different needs. They all come with a 1-year subscription duration. At the end of the subscription period, any unused queries or unutilized results will expire. Below is a breakdown:

  1. Ad Hoc - Vetting

    • Description: Conduct vetting queries via a browser interface, and the results are instantly shown on the browser.
    • Pricing: Based on the number of queries you plan to conduct during the subscription.
  2. Ad Hoc - Research

    • Description: Facilitates research queries using a browser. If a single query brings back 100 results, it counts as 100 results against your account.
    • Pricing: Based on the number of results returned in the subscription year.
  3. Named User

    • Description: Suited for teams, allowing both Ad Hoc Vetting and Research queries. The number of active users can be adjusted as per needs.
    • Pricing: Based on the number of active named users on your account.
  4. Batch & Scheduled Batch

    • Description: Users upload an Excel batch with vetting queries. This batch can contain specific query types and additional optional fields. Completed batches are processed either on an as-needed basis (for Batch) or at set frequencies (for Scheduled Batch). Results are emailed to designated recipients.
    • Pricing: Based on the number of queries within the batches.
  5. Web Service

    • Description: Direct integration for vetting queries between a user's application and our DMF Cloud Service. We provide two options: custom integration or our out-of-the-box Benefit Sentinel application.
    • Pricing: Based on the total number of queries you intend to process.

It's worth noting that our services are structured so you only pay for what you need, ensuring cost-effective solutions for all users.