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Introducing the Named User Subscription – Power Your Ongoing Vetting Efforts:

Equip your team with the annual Named User subscription, an unrivaled solution for streamlining beneficiary vetting on a continuous basis. Whether you're an organization or individual, our service is tailored to meet your specific needs, providing you with the tools to conduct unlimited queries at a fixed cost. Here's why the Named User Subscription is your gateway to efficient and comprehensive query management:

Effortless Ongoing Vetting: Efficiency is paramount in today's fast-paced world. Our Named User Subscription is designed for those who require continuous vetting of beneficiaries. Stay ahead of the curve by seamlessly integrating our service into your workflow.

Unleash Unlimited Queries: Imagine the freedom of conducting an unlimited number of queries without worrying about overages. With our Named User Subscription, you gain unlimited query access at a predictable fixed price, enabling you to focus on what truly matters.

Collaborative Named Users: Built for teams of all sizes, the Named User Subscription allows you to assemble a dynamic group of individuals, each designated as a Named User. Collaborate seamlessly and maintain a clear overview of query activities carried out by your team members.

Tailored Active User Approach: Flexibility is the cornerstone of our service. While you have the liberty to define an unlimited number of Named Users, only those marked as active can harness the service's capabilities. This ensures you pay only for what you use.

Empower Named Users: Every Named User under your subscription enjoys the privilege of unlimited queries throughout the subscription period. Our streamlined internet browser interface facilitates effortless query execution, delivering results directly to your screen.

Versatile Query Options: Our Named User Subscription offers a diverse array of query options to cater to your needs:

  • Social Security Number: Match decedent records using the SSN.
  • Last Name and Date of Birth: Match decedent records using last name and date of birth.
  • Last Name, Last Name Suffix, and Date of Birth: Match decedent records using last name, last name suffix, and date of birth.
  • Research Queries: Employ a combination of the last name and a range of birth dates to access precise results.

Insightful Period Reports: Stay informed and in control with our Order Activity Report. This comprehensive report is generated and emailed every 30 days during your subscription period. It provides a concise snapshot of each Named User's status (Active/Inactive) along with their query activity for the past month and the cumulative total for the subscription term.

Seize the Named User Subscription – Where Efficiency Meets Collaboration: Experience the Named User Subscription's efficiency and collaboration firsthand. It's the ideal solution for conducting comprehensive queries, tracking activity, and maximizing your vetting efforts. Transform the way you approach beneficiary vetting today.

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