This annual subscription allows as many Concurrent, Named Users as you choose to conduct an unlimited number of manual searches of the Limited Access Death Master File (LADMF) during the subscription period.

Credit card companies and banks, etc., that must have employees at various branches or sites check applicant data frequently should use this product. 

Set up as many Named Users as you need. Users can query the Benefit Sentinel database as long as the number of maximum number of concurrent users has not been reached.

Unlike the Manual LADMF Service offered by SSA:

  • Queries may be made by SSN or by Last Name, First Name and Date of Birth
  • Query results may include obituary, cemetery, and/or funeral home data. (Please refer to our FAQ on the home page for a listing of data elements)

Insightful Period Reports: Stay informed and in control with our Order Activity Report. This comprehensive report is generated and emailed every 30 days during your subscription period. It provides a concise snapshot of each Named User's status (Active/Inactive) along with their query activity for the past month and the cumulative total for the subscription term.

Seize the Manual Subscription – Where Efficiency Meets Collaboration: Experience the Manual Subscription's efficiency and collaboration firsthand. It's the ideal solution for conducting comprehensive queries, tracking activity, and maximizing your vetting efforts. Transform the way you approach beneficiary vetting today.

1 Concurrent User


Up to 25 Concurrent Users


Unlimited Concurrent Users