How do I monitor my subscription?

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How do I monitor my subscription?

To keep you updated on your subscription activity, we provide a monthly Order Activity Report. This comprehensive report helps you track and manage your order, user assignments, and batch details.

What does the Order Activity Report include?

  1. Order Overview:

    • Order Number
    • Subscription Start and End Dates
    • Total Users/Batches linked to the Order
  2. Subscription Usage Details:

    • Queries/Results or Named Users Purchased
    • Cumulative Query/Result Activity
    • Recent Activity for the closing period
    • Remaining Queries/Results
  3. Breakdown of Ad Hoc Vetting Arguments: (Only if the order includes arguments such as by SSN, by Last Name and Date of Birth, and by Last Name, Suffix, and Date of Birth.)

    • Total and closing period counts for each argument category.
  4. Detailed User Activity: An attached Excel file provides an in-depth view of each user's activity, both cumulative and for the recent period.

  5. Batch Order Activity (For Manual Batch and Scheduled Batch Orders): Another attached Excel file enumerates activity details for each batch, including both cumulative data and recent period figures.

Stay informed about your subscription's performance and make the most out of your investment with our monthly reports.