Ad Hoc

Access the official DMF maintained by the Social Security Administration (SSA) with our Ad Hoc Queries services. Designed for individual insights, these services let you retrieve results directly via a user-friendly interface.

We offer two primary Ad Hoc services:

1. Ad Hoc - Vetting:

Purpose: Ideal for those on the cusp of offering a service or benefit and want to verify the vital status of an individual.

Query Types:

  • Social Security Number: Fetch decedent records using the SSN.
  • Last Name and Date of Birth: Retrieve records using the last name and DOB.
  • Last Name, Suffix, and Date of Birth: Pull records using these three identifiers.

Flexibility: Purchase based on query quantity or the number of concurrent users. With concurrent users, perform unlimited queries simultaneously.

2. Ad Hoc - Research:

Purpose: Dive deep into the DMF, focusing on specific last names. Perfect for tracing family history or reconnecting with lost ties.

Query Mechanism: Initiate using a surname and a birthdate range. E.g., "SMITH" for birthdates between 1/1/1955 and 1/1/1956.

Billing Model: Based on results received annually. If a query delivers 100 names and respective death dates, it uses 100 of your purchased results.

Note: Given the potential for large data yields, be mindful of the birthdate range. If a query surpasses your available count, only the results fitting your remaining count will display.

Periodic Reports:

Receive an Order Activity Report every 30 days. This offers a snapshot of:

  • Each user's activity status (Active/Inactive)
  • A detailed query history for the past month
  • Cumulative stats for your entire subscription term

Purchase Plans:

All services last for a one-year subscription period or until your query/result allocation runs out (apart from concurrent users). You'll get an Order Status report every 30 days, reminding you of your subscription end date and detailing your usage.

Research - Up to 1,000 Results


Research - Up to 2,000 Results


Research - Up to 500 Results


Vetting - Up to 249 Queries


Vetting - Up to 399 Queries


Vetting - Up to 499 Queries