Consent Agreement

SSA does not guarantee the accuracy of the Death Master File (DMF). SSA does not have a death record for all deceased persons. Therefore, the absence of a particular person on this file is not proof that the individual is alive. In addition, there is the possibility that incorrect records of death may have been entered on the DMF. If an individual seeing your copy of the DMF has a complaint that they find erroneous data/death information on that DMF, you should advise them to follow the procedures listed below. In fact, you should be providing the information below in your publication, if any, of the DMF:

Errors: If an individual claims that SSA has incorrectly listed someone as deceased (or has incorrect dates/data) on the Death Master File (DMF), the individual should contact his/her local social security office (with proof) to have the error corrected. That local social security office will:

(1) make the correction to the main NUMIDENT file at SSA and give the individual a verification document of SSA's current records to use to show to any company recipient/purchaser of the DMF that had the error,
(2) find that SSA already has the correct information on the main NUMIDENT file and DMF (probably corrected sometime prior) and give the individual a verification document of SSA's records to use to show to any company subscriber/purchaser of the DMF that had the error.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Swan via email: or by phone: 703-605-6094.

By accepting this Consent Agreement you agree that you understand the statements listed above and that you will comply with all rules and regulations for Limited Acceess Death Master File (LADMF) data as specified by NIST (