Introducing the Batch Subscription – Effortless Data Verification at Scale:

Experience unmatched efficiency and accuracy in data verification with our annual Batch Subscription. Whether you need to periodically check numerous individuals, such as voter registration rolls, or require on-demand verification, our Batch Subscription empowers you to seamlessly manage large datasets. Discover the convenience of streamlined batch composition and processing, combined with valuable insights from the Death Master File (DMF) database.

Batch Composition Made Simple:

Crafted for your convenience, each Batch comprises a single Excel file that you fill out and upload to our secure DMF Cloud Services server. To assist you in the process, we provide three meticulously designed Excel templates:

  1. SSN-Based Queries Template
  2. Last Name and Date of Birth-Based Queries Template
  3. Last Name, Last Name Suffix, and Date of Birth-Based Queries Template

Choose Your Pricing:

Our Batch Subscription offers two pricing categories:

  1. Manual Batch: Designed for users utilizing the SSN template, this category grants you efficient access to SSN-based queries.

  2. Manual Batch Plus: Elevate your capabilities with access to any of the three templates. This category empowers you to explore a wider array of query options.

Customize for Enhanced Insight:

Each template is thoughtfully designed to include three optional fields, allowing you to include supplementary data for further analysis. For instance, you can incorporate details like telephone numbers, addresses, or account numbers. With the flexibility to accommodate as many rows as needed, you're equipped to manage extensive datasets effortlessly.

Efficient Batch Processing:

Once your batches are prepared, our user-friendly interface facilitates seamless uploading to our server. During this process, each row is meticulously reviewed for format and content accuracy. To ensure distinction, you can assign a unique name to each Batch. Your Batch(es) will appear in the run list, ready for processing on-demand.

Swift and Comprehensive Results:

Our Batch run process takes only minutes to complete after initiation. Depending on the batch size, processing time may vary. Upon completion, you'll receive a detailed email report containing all user-provided information and data extracted from the DMF database. This comprehensive report empowers you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Bonus Inclusion – Ad Hoc Vetting:

As an added value, your Batch Subscription also includes access to the Ad Hoc - Vetting query service, enhancing the versatility of your subscription.

Insightful Period Reports:

Stay informed throughout your subscription with our regular Order Status reports. These reports, delivered every 30 days, provide a clear overview of each Batch's status, including the Batch Name, Number of Queries, last run date, batch run count, and the total queries used and remaining.

Customize Your Subscription:

Our Batch Subscription continues for the duration of the one-year subscription period or until your query usage limit is reached, ensuring you have access when you need it most.

Elevate Your Data Verification – Explore the Batch Subscription Today:

Step into a realm of streamlined data verification with our Batch Subscription. Whether you're verifying voter registrations or need on-demand data insights, this subscription is designed to cater to your unique requirements. Embrace data accuracy and efficiency like never before.


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Manual Batch - Unlimited Queries


Manual Batch - Up to 1 Million Queries


Manual Batch - Up to 399,999 Queries


Manual Batch - Up to 4,999 Queries


Manual Batch - Up to 49,999 Queries


Manual Batch Plus - Up to 4,999 Queries